A great playground is a great place to be

Playgrounds come in all shapes and sizes, and some are a lot more fun than others. One of my kids' favorite playgrounds around the area where we live, is the one located on Garden City Road in Richmond.

This playground has a lot of very cool features for kids. There's water, for one thing, running like a small, winding creek from a rock fountain on the top of a little hill, down to a wet, sandy play area at the bottom. On the way, there's a small dam that the kids can control, opening it to let water run through, or closing it to let it build up behind. Fascinating stuff for kids (and adults too, actually).

There are two long, nice slides and some excellent climbing equipment: a big, tall crow's nest that is reached by rope ladders and rope-webs, and all sorts of driftwood-looking logs that children can climb all over.

The playground also has stepping stones, and big saucer-swings. It is planted throughout with native plants that don't require a lot of watering. I especially like the tall grasses that look beautiful any time of year.

Facilities at the playground included washrooms, drinking fountain, and picnic tables. It's adjacent to a park showcasing lots of different trees, and with several large ponds. All this makes it a perfect place for an easy-going outing with the kids: they get to adventure about, and I get to watch them have fun. Definitely a good way to spend the day!

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