Fun with kids in Sweden - visiting Bjuröklubb

My kids and I are currently visiting family in Sweden. Since we've been here before, we have lots of favorite places we like to re-visit when we're here, and the area around the old lighthouse in Bjuröklubb is definitely one of those favorite places.

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Bjuröklubb is located on the coast near my Swedish hometown Skellefteå. It's a place with a long history. In the woods around the lighthouse are the remains of human habitation from many centuries ago. People lived here, fished here, hunted seal here, and pulled their boats up on the shores here, as early as the bronze age.

The lighthouse was built in 1859 and is still standing though it is no longer in operation. You can climb the hill up to the lighthouse and enjoy the spectacular view however.

Heading down towards the café from the lighthouse.

My kids love this place for the easy walk in the woods up from the parking lot, for the blueberries that grow here in July/August, and for the ice cream and other treats at the café, Café Fyren, below the lighthouse. They love running up the boardwalk to the top of the bluff where the lighthouse is, and they love visiting the sailboat in the harbor down the hill where the proprietor sells fresh and smoked fish, locally caught of course, and some other fishy Swedish specialties like surströmming.

Bjuröklubb is located about 60 km from Skellefteå and it's an easy drive. There's lots of free parking next to the road below the lighthouse, and even on a windy, stormy day the place is a spectacular destination: watching the waves and feeling that wind blow your hair around is pretty exciting!

Highly recommended, by me and my kids, if you happen to be in the area.

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