10 best summer moments with my kids

Summer is almost over. Next week school starts and pretty soon it will be Halloween and even Christmas (OK, not that soon!). I've had a great summer with my kids, and here are 10 highlights.

1. Flying to and from Sweden with my kids, and realizing that they've grown up so much. They know what to do, they are not so anxious about being on the plane, and they handle the on-board boredom better than before. However, they also bug each other to the point of madness when bored at airports: old problems go away, new ones appear!

2. Hanging out in the old-time farm in Rismyrliden, Sweden and watching my kids play with the kittens there.

3. Seeing how much fun my kids had taking care of the chickens (3 hens and a rooster) that my parents had borrowed for the month of July when we stayed with them in Burvik, Sweden.

4. Enjoying the beach and the water at my parents' summer-house in Burvik with the kids.This is one of our favorite places on Earth.

5. Going to Stockholm with my kids, and exploring Old Town and Skansen together.

6. Spending time on the beach in Spanish Banks in Vancouver, including one day when we saw a bald eagle land next to an injured or sickly cormorant. The eagle proceeded to very easily and casually kill and eat the other bird. It was one of those moments when your kids learn something about nature in a very direct way that you didn't plan on when the day started out.

7. Hanging out at Maplewood Farm with the goats, and the other animals. The kids really loved the two kids, aka the baby-goats, that cuddled and then ran around, chasing each other and skipping on the rocks.

8. Lazing around at Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen, enjoying the sand, water, and the fantastic playground.

9. Enjoying the local water-parks with good friends.

10. Going to the local farmer's markets for some fresh fruits and vegetables. Favorites include cherries, peaches, nectarines, blueberries, and corn on the cob.

Picture of cherries from Wikimedia.

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