DIY craft-ideas for traveling kids - from DVD-cases to shells

I am not a very crafty person, but every now and then I get the urge to make something useful from scratch for myself of the kids. One great place to find ideas for crafts, is Pinterest. You can easily end up spending hours on end on Pinterest, just browsing all the cool ideas and beautiful photos. And every now and then you might just find something you really will end up making.

Potential craft-project?

Here are some ideas for travel-related crafts that I found on Pinterest. Click on the links for pictures and instructions!

1. Pencil case from an old DVD-case
This is such a cool idea and a great way to re-use DVD-cases you don't need anymore. You pretty them up and then use them to store pencils in. Great way to pack pencils for a trip too of course.

2. Roll-up diaper changer from a vinyl table cloth
If you're flying with a baby, it's a great idea to bring along something to put your baby on when you need to change their diaper. Even if there's a change table available, you will probably feel better if you don't just put the baby on that potentially very dirty plastic. This looks like an easy-to-do project, and the diaper changer would fit easily into a backpack or other carry-on.

3. A car-seat protector
This soft, blankety DIY project could help keep kids a bit comfier and your seats a little more protected on roadtrips.

4. Zippered bags for first-aid supplies, travel-games, and more
This would be a great way to keep supplies for a trip nice and organized: get those little see-through,
zippered bags and label them, then fill them with what you need to bring. First-aid kit, pencils and crayon, medications, a pouch with small games for each child: lots of possibilities.

5. Family travel journal
If you're going on a special trip, this would be a great idea to help everyone get a special keep-sake afterwards. Put together the supplies for a small travel journal for each family member, and see what they each come up with!

6. Seat-belt pillows
This DIY-pillow would definitely make sleeping in the car more comfortable for kids (hey, maybe I should make myself one too!).

7. Shell-crafts
If you have a child like my daughter who loves, loves, loves to collect shells and rocks, this is a great web-page to check out. There are lots of ideas on crafts you can make using shells gathered on the beach. Definitely bookmarking this for future use!

8. Souvenir ideas
This web-page also has some great ideas for DIY-souvenirs and how you can display your own and your kids' mementos from your travels.

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