6 ingenious & practical items for traveling with kids

Shopping for travel gear can be a lot of fun, whether I'm actually buying, window-shopping on the internet, or just researching what kind of new products are out there. Here are 6 products I found recently that I think are pretty darn ingenious and useful when you're traveling with kids by plane, train, or automobile.

1. An iPhone case that also holds a credit card & more
When you're flying with kids, or even just heading out by yourself or with family for a day-trip, it can be really nice to cut down on how much stuff you're carrying with you. On a plane, it's also nice to keep your most important items on you at all times. These phone-cases could really help with that. I especially like the wallet one.

2. ID-wristbands for kids
This product would be a great thing to bring if you're heading out on a big trip to an amusement park (my family is currently vaguely planning for Disneyland), if you're on a fieldtrip, or even just to give some peace of mind when you're traveling by plane, train, or public transit. This particular product is from Mabel's Labels, and you order it with the text you want. I've found their stuff to be VERY durable and good quality in the past.

3. A nursing shawl
If you're traveling with a baby and you're breastfeeding, a good, comfortable and preferably good-looking nursing cover is a nice thing to have. This nursing shawl looks like it would fulfill all those criteria.

4. A backpack diaper bag
This diaper bag looks perfect for day-trips, flights, or other travel with a baby. It has lots of pockets, including isothermic compartments to keep milk or formula warm, and nice padded shoulder straps.

5. A baby-carrier cover to keep baby warm
I loved using my baby carrier when my kids were younger, and this idea: a fleecy, warm cover that fits over your baby when they're in the carrier, sounds perfect for winter. This product is from Kowalli, and the very good website Tales of a Mountain Mama recently had a review of this product as well.

6. Some good apps for kids
These days, a good app can really save your day when it comes to combating kids' boredom on long trips. Here is a list from of the top 50 iPhone apps for kids. And for Android users: The 10 best Android games for kids. Common sense media also lets you browse easily for all sorts of Android apps for kids.

Picture of "My 411 Wrist Bands" thanks to Mabel's Labels.

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