Travel & thankfulness

It's Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, and I am feeling so thankful for so many things this year. Thankful for the life and laughs I share with my kids and my husband. Thankful for us all being in good health, and with so many good things to enjoy together where we live: forest hikes, beach walks, lazy weekend mornings, good food, and favorite movies and books.

Blue evening sky and a far-away hot-air balloon in Stockholm, Sweden.

After a year that involved some great trips, I am also very thankful for so many things that have to do with travel: 

Having friends and family that support our travels
My fantastic family, in Canada and Sweden, is what makes our trips possible and also makes them so much fun. Our trip to Sweden, and specifically to Stockholm this year, were made even more special because we got to share the experience with family.

Waiting for our plane in Sea-Tac airport.

Having children who are such good travel companions.
Yes, they occasionally go a little nuts when the wait gets long at the gate, and sometimes they do get very bored on 9-hour flights, but all in all, my kids are terrific travel companions. They know how to get through security like a breeze, they can handle delays, and they are usually cheerful and reasonably patient. For a 5 and 9 year old, that's all I could ask and more.

Personal, on-board entertainment screens
What would I do without you, personal, on-board entertainment screens? I guess I would have to invest in a couple of portable DVD-players... If ever there was a good place to veg out with a TV-show or movie, it's long-haul flight!

Friendly fellow travelers
I am so very thankful for the friendly fellow-passengers I met this year on our trip to and from Sweden. The lady who talked to me and smiled at my kids when we waited for the flight in Reykjavik. The girls who laughed and smiled at my kids as they played in the airport in Stockholm, rather than scowl at them for not sitting still. The woman with the baby on our flight from Canada who made us smile because her baby was so darn cute.

Burvik, Västerbotten, Sweden.
My parents, for giving us the best place to stay
Every summer when we go to Sweden we stay with my parents at their summer place in Burvik. It is one of my favorite places on Earth, and the fact that we get to spend that precious time with them there is such a joy and pleasure. The kids are already looking forward to our visit next year!

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