2012 retrospective - 12 great moments with my kids

It's not quite the end of the year yet, but we're getting there soon, and I'm starting to feel in a retrospective mood. This year, as in years past, I had some great moments with my children. Here are some photos of moments and places I'll remember from 2012.

Late summer/early fall day at Vancouver's Third Beach - And the kids went in the water. My crazy (cold) amphibians.

The dock at my parents' summer house in Burvik, Sweden - One of my favourite places on Earth.

Our seal-safari in Horseshoe Bay, BC, Canada - What a fantastic day on the water that was!

My kids, chilling out together, at the playground at Nordanå, Skellefteå - A great day on our summer-trip to Sweden.

The playful kittens at the old-time farm in Rismyrliden, Sweden - We always visit this farm when we go to Sweden in the summer, and these kittens made our day this year.

Going for a walk through Stockholm, Sweden - Another great day on our trip this past summer. These horses were "parked" just outside the Royal Palace.

My kids and the chickens - This summer, my parents borrowed four chickens (3 hens and a rooster) while we were visiting. My kids loved this. Not that many eggs, and a lot of chicken poop on the ground, but it was worth it.

Another great day at another great playground - The playground on Garden City in Richmond, BC has some great water features and adventurous climbing equipment for kids. It's one of my kids' favourite places to go.

Bald eagle killing a cormorant on Spanish Banks, Vancouver - This moment, when the eagle casually jumped up on and then killed the obviously injured or sick bird (it didn't defend itself or try to get away) was one of those nature moments when you and your kids get to see life and death in the wild up close.
Hiking the Lynn Loop trail in Lynn Headwaters - This hike takes about 2+ hours with the kids (with some fairly easy but somewhat rough and steep sections), and it's about as far as they're prepared to hike for. They were absolute champs every time we did it this year.

Walking through Steveston, BC - This is one of my family's favourite "close and easy" destinations for a walk and some fresh air. Climbing in and out of the old wooden fishing boats set up in the grass, looking at the old buildings, and watching the water flow by always make for a good day out.

Seeing (and hearing!) T-Rex at Science World, Vancouver - We visited the "Extreme Dinosaurs" exhibit at Vancouver's Science World three times. Giant animatronic dinos, fossilized dinosaur poop, and interactive exhibits: this had it all.

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