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I hope everyone had a terrific Halloween! Ours was pretty rainy, so my tiger and my lion did get rather wet during trick or treating, but they still had fun. Today we're dealing with piles of candy!

If you're looking for something good to read on this first day of November, I am going to share some of my favorite blogs:

  • Mama Be Good - Brenda at Mama Be Good always has a new and fresh perspective on life, parenting and special needs. A daily must-read for me.
  • Love That Max - Another wonderful parenting blog with a special needs perspective on life and kids. Ellen always writes from the heart, and has such a positive outlook.
  • Travel Experta - I love reading Marina K. Villatoro's site because she covers parts of the world I don't know much about but really want to travel to as soon as possible. Lots of great photos and travel tips!
  • Tales of a Mountain Mama - A wonderful, outdoorsy blog with some fantastic stories, photos, tips and great gear-reviews.
  • Children & Nature Network - I really believe that playing outside and exploring nature is the best thing for kids, and this site has a lot of stories, resources, and research about kids and the outdoors. An inspiring place.

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