Travel gear to give away - or buy & keep

There are so many cool and useful things to buy when it comes to travel-related gear. Some are items I'd like to buy and keep for myself, and other items would make pretty awesome gifts. Here's some things that caught my eye recently.

Toddler rain-coveralls
I had this type of coveralls for my kids when they were little, and they are a must-have if you live anywhere with lots of rainy, wet, muddy weather. Easy to put on and take off, and so good at keeping little ones dry, even while playing in puddles. This type of gear is also easy to pack if you're traveling: pair it with some warm stuff underneath and it works well in the snow too!

A really nice warm vest for me
Tough fabric on the outside and woolly and warm on the inside: I want one! You might want one too after you read the review by Amelia at Mountain Mama.

This item looks amazing for carrying supplies for your little ones when you're traveling. I love things that pack up nice and neat, and provide good and useful storage, so this definitely fits the bill.

Portable high chair
My kids no longer need high chairs (though I sometimes wish I could restrain them in one for meal-times...), but this chair looks great: easy to bring along to other people's houses, easy to pack in the car for trips, and nice and sturdy for the child.

Clip on camera-lenses and filters
These little thing-a-ma-bobs looks fantastic: you just clip them on your iPad, or iPhone, and hopefully get some even cooler pictures than before.

Runnur backpack/purse
This would be the perfect item to carry all those important travel-documents on flights safely and easily. Geek Mom at Wired has a great write-up.

Hanging Travel-mate toiletry kit
Hanging toiletry kits are my favorite. They don't take up counter space in small hotel bathrooms, and your supplies are easy to see and find.

A multi-charger with various adapters
With all the assorted gadgets I carry on trips now, one of these multi-charging hubs would definitely come in very handy.

Wireless headphones
These headphones, Jaybird Sportband, are bluetooth enabled. They can connect to your iPod, or other similar devices. I love the styling and the fact that they're adjustable and come in many different colors. The wireless part would be great for travel: don't know how many times my kids have gotten tangled in the headphone wires on a plane!

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