Geography games & activities for kids

Traveling is a great way to get kids interested in the world around them, and spark an interest in things like languages, geography, and arts and culture from other countries. There are also many games and activities that can fuel those same interest. Here are a few things that can get young minds.

There's a Map on My Lap!: All About Maps
This Cat in the Hat book teaches kids ages 4 and up about different kinds of maps and how to use them.

GeoPuzzle World - Educational Geography Jigsaw Puzzle 
This 68 piece puzzle for ages 4 and up lets kids put the countries of the world together.

GeoDice: Educational Geography Board Game
This board game for kids 6 and up lets players identify countries and capitals around the world.

Brainbox All Around The World 
This "memory" game requires players to commit several facts to memory in a short period of time and then show how many they remember. For ages 8 and up.

GeoCards World - Educational Geography Card Game 
This flashcard game for kids aged 4-7 teaches capitals of the world and countries of the world. The cards also include other basic information about each country, such as size and population.

Name That Country Game 
A board game for players aged 4-8 that teaches basic geography and facts about various countries around the globe.

GeoBingo World - Educational Geography Board Game 
This is a geography-based bingo game for kids 4-7 years old. You have to get 5 countries in a row to win. The country cards have basic information about countries all over the world.

VTech - Spin and Learn Adventure Globe 
This educational toy has 30 touch points with facts about culture, food, geography, and other things all over the world. It also plays music and other sounds and is meant for kids aged 36 months to 6 years.

World Map Paper Wall Mural
If you want to bring the world into your child's room, you can stick this massive paper mural on one of the walls.

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