Spring-break fun around Vancouver

In the school district where we live, the kids get a two week long Spring Break, and we're just finishing up the second week of our holidays. It's been a low-key affair, mainly because we've been dealing with the flu, but we did manage to squeeze in some fun as well.

1. Going for a great walk in Lynn Headwaters park in North Vancouver. This is one of my family's favourite hikes, and the lower trail along the river is a smooth and easy walk for any age: even if you're bringing a stroller!

2. Taking our new guinea pigs outside for a taste of grass and sunshine. Recently we made two guinea pigs the newest members of the family, and they are just the cutest, sweetest little pets (with big appetites!).

3. Checking out the new installations and exhibits at Vancouver's Science World. As usual, visiting Science World was a big hit with the kids. They loved the new Creativity in Motion exhibit, the modular railway on display in the upstairs area. The new outdoor interactive play-park was also a lot of fun: it'll be even more fun when the water features are turned on in April!

4. Going for a walk in downtown Vancouver. Walking along the shore in Kitsilano and following the water all the way to Granville Island is a great way to spend a sunny day. Capping things with some ice cream once we arrived at Granville Island made it even better. The sculpture above is in the Kitsilano neighbourhood close to Vancouver's Maritime Museum.

5. Visiting The Vancouver Aquarium. This is one of the best family-friendly destinations in all of Vancouver. We brought a packed lunch which we ate in the dolphin underwater gallery, we got to see the big octopus stretching his arms, did some fun crafts, and enjoyed looking at all the other critters as well. Even on a busy day (and it was busy when we were there), The Aquarium is a lot of fun for kids and adults.

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